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YOUR NAME: Charlee ♥
AIM SCREENNAME: zabimarudog, damnit taka, animegirl207
CHARACTER'S NAME: Ryuubashi Leora
AGE: 17
BIRTH DATE: April 11, 1992
HOMETOWN: Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
GRADE: Second Year, Class 2-E
CLUBS: Martial Arts Club, though not canon ♥
SEX: Female, baby.
PLAYED BY: Original

WEAKNESSES: Leora’s temperament isn’t one of her best qualities: in fact, it’s one of her worst. She’s easily provoked and tends to get defensive if she takes something the wrong way, even if it is a misunderstanding and is more likely to act than think. Along with this combination, she’s stubborn to the point that she won’t back down on anything, and is blinded by her view on right and wrong where it’s as plain and black and white and there’s no such thing as a gray area. Her loud mouth also tends to get her into more trouble than she needs to be, and is prone to excessive cursing and insults when angered - add to the fact that she’s easily excitable, over-eager at times, and tends to act first, think later, Leora can be a difficult person to get along with.

Despite being hot-headed, Leora is afraid of being truly alone in the world. Because of the death of her parents, she gets rather frantic if someone abruptly leaves, even with a reason, and gets rather clingy to people to ease her mind that they’re actually there.

Her biggest weakness is that while she’s not transmogrified during Dark Hour, her lack of a persona ensures that she’s not able to fight back shadows without the risk of being seriously hurt, leaving her in a position that frustrates her to no end: a helpless bystander.
STRENGTHS: Leora’s stead-fast loyal to, apparently, anyone she views as a friend and won’t hesitate to take action when needed, especially to those in trouble. Also protective of her family and friends, she will do about anything to protect them from harm, including putting her life in danger.

If not angered by some chance, she’s always up and about, willing to do anything and help out anyone and likes to be around people, whether or not she likes them. Her being stubborn can be switched from being a weakness to strength: she’s not one to give up easily, and determined to see any goal through, no matter how small, to the end.

From practicing tae kwon do, Leora has a mean kick and a nasty right that she’s not hesitant to use.

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Her fist and legs.
ARCANA: Chariot
FACTION: It all depends. ♥
PERSONALITY: Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Or in Leora’s case, sting like a bee, fly like a butterfly and barely attempt to hide the butterfly part with the temper of a grumpy lion.

Considering herself, but not limited to being: spunky, temperamental to the point of having an anger problem, fiercely independent (ok, just sorta), street-smart, cocky, less than inclined to be polite, more than willing to hand your ass back to you, sometimes in your face, Leora is sometimes a very aggressive tomboy that is sometimes mistaken as an ultra-feminine guy who's willing to beat someone up (and get beat up in the process).

In other times, she just any other girl her age: she adores kids and cute things, shops for clothes and shoes and accessories and brand names items, a romantic, would put on more make-up if they don’t smear so easily during her tae kwon do sessions, check up on friends and the latest gossip, loves to dress up and of course, boys. (Don’t get her started on boys. She can talk for hours if given the chance.)

This just shows that Leora is like a walking-contradiction, confusing as it is. Living in a family where traditional gender roles has no place within their lives and still hung up about your parent’s death can tend to do that – but she still bears it with a grin and enthusiasm to jump in at anything. She’s honest to the point of being blunt, easily excited like a puppy in a new house, likes physical contact, basically an overgrown puppy with temper problems. Yeah.

But as tough as she wants to be seen, Leora is still the insecure little girl from years before. She constantly worries about her family, her own image in the school, how her grades fare, when her brother realizes that he can’t protect them forever, if she has a future or not, if her parents actually died like that, if she’s strong to protect her family, the likes and is hesitant to make big decisions: hence, why she leaves her brother with most of the work and her taking up tae kwon do – if her brother is going to take care of the family as their caretaker, she might as well protect her family using her own body to fight bad guys back.


Daughter of Ryuubashi Takeshi and Sora, Sou’s younger sister, older cousin to Gochi Momo, Kai, and Kira, niece to Gochi Ken and Ran, student of that Kirijou funded school, yadda, yadda, yadda, blah, blah, blah. Leora has heard it all before and doubt the labeling will ever stop – including the one where she’s an almost-but-not-really-there-yet delinquent.

Her history is the same as her brother – being orphaned at the age of six, him being seven, and having her newlywed aunt and uncle become their legal guardians, have their cousins born a year later, be stuck with baby sitting them the rest of her life.

Other than that, she led a pretty normal life with her family and can tell you from the top of her head the daily routine: wake up, round the kids up to go to school, get ready to go to school, eat breakfast brother made, go to school, go through the school day, go to practice or alternatively get the kids and go back home depending who’s day it was, say hi to aunt and uncle, eat dinner, homework, chat a little in between breaks, wrestle kids down for bed, shower, sleep. (Every other weekend or so help her aunt and uncle with the store – and she’s not going to list what they do during day-offs either.)

Wash, rinse, repeat.

All of this just became a tad-bit harder when she heard her aunt looking talking to her brother one night after he was found unconscious sometimes before – what happened to her parents, how the police found them, who was rumored to be responsible.

It just made her stomach churn when she remembered which school she goes to and who practically ran the institution.

A few weeks after her brother left for the dorm-orgy-BDSM club (she doubt it’s true – Sou would’ve been back home by now and live in the closet for the remainder of his years), she began experiencing these weird dreams - if you can call it a dream when find yourself awake, walked around the house to find it looking like a corny horror film, your family in coffins in their rooms and these blob creatures lurking around every corner, making you paralyzed on your own bed in fear.

Except the same exact dreams reoccur every night, and she had no clue why it happens or that was - until some rumors started that the dorm her brother joined was some sort of secret organization, and that they do some sort of late night activities that involved some questionable means.

Armed with the determination that she wasn’t hallucinating and the goal to find out how her parents died exactly, Leora set off to the S.E.E.S dorm to get the answers she’s looking for.


So this is the place that the idiot my brother ditched home for?

Geez, it’s not like it’s crowded in school already, but to move in from six people to over fifty roommates? Yeah, that’s a big improvement for him. Oh joy.

Bah, whatever.

Name’s Ryuubashi Leora, kids. And duh, I’m Sou’s sister. Live with it. Just don’t expect me to cook every time I come over – that’s his job, not mine. Expect to see me more often than you’d like.


She woke up with a start, her breath heavy and her heart pounding like she ran several miles up hill, the images from her dream quickly forgotten. A quick check on her watch confirmed that she only took a short nap, fifteen minutes at most, at that lunch was almost over – meaning she had ten minutes to inhale her own lunch and attempt to choke from the amount of food she’ll be stuffing down her throat.

“Hey, Leora! It’s about time you woke up,” Hana said from next to her, looking completely ridiculous with her chopsticks in the air holding a piece a fish. Leora resisted the urge to point anything out, hoping one of the other girls would do it. “What do you think of next year’s race?”

“The big rally during the summer, right?” Why did the school have to schedule everything at the same time, she will never know. “Which competition are we talking about now?”

“Track. I heard Mamoru’s training harder this year because of scholarships and stuff like that,” another girl, Izumi, replied back. “Do you think Murasaki-kun can beat him?”

“Doubt it.” Loera replied sourly as she opened her box, snapping the chopsticks in two and proceeded to stuff her face with vigor. Eight minutes and counting.

“You’re just mad about those rumors,” Hana said again, and their collective group laughed as Leora choked on a piece of pickled plum, face turning red from the lack of air and that remainder. She was drinking her water bottle as Hana continued on, “And your brother cooks for that dorm too, so no more good food for you.”

“H-hey! I can cook fine if the instructions were shorter, sheesh.”


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