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2008-05-04 03:19 am
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[SATURDAY|After School; May 03]

Huh. It's gone.
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2008-02-14 09:53 pm


[Thursday|After School; February 14]

Tch, alright, so today's Valentines Day. Uh, have a good time and all that?

[OOC: Of course, Leora is pretty awkward in this day too. She left Kazuki, Keita, Mio, Hayley, Holly, Hyouri, Taka, Yuu and Zai some chocolate (which she stole from her brother) in their lockers/rooms and Nakai a bat and chocolate because he's the only one who specified a present. ♥]
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2008-01-20 01:16 am

002 - Very Belated Post

[Wednesday|Afternoon; January 16]

Apparently someone thinks it's a funny joke to take of all my stuff and leave a piece of paper with an address? The hell? Is there even an area in Iwatodai called "Miho-yomi"?!

Murasaki, if you did this I swear I will beat your ass into the ground until it's your own grave.

((OOC: Belated post for a reaction. 8Db))
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2007-11-19 04:59 pm


[Monday|Late Afternoon; November 19]

Man, is there anything interesting here? Not even a tiny, little bit of fun bouncing around?

And yeah, I heard Murasaki and Sanada lives here. Is this true?