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Name:Ryuubashi Leora
Birthdate:Jan 19

nothing can stop this storm brewin'

Background - Super Condensed Ver: Leora is Ryuubashi Sou's sister, faithful niece and over protective cousin, second year in Gekkoukan High School, and is supreme overlord of kneading bread an adrenaline junkie. Basically she found the Dark Hour when she found out her freaky dreams weren't really freaky dreams and her brother? Totally part of some super ninja clan with kick-ass monsters as their partners.

Let's just say she likes the new twist her life offers right now.

Personality - the much more Super Condensed Ver: To sum it up short, Leora's hotheaded, can tend to lean on being bitchy, is more than willing to get into fights, and won't hesitate to call you things only sailors should say. But don't let her attitude fool you - she's more than willing to help out when asked (depending on what's being asked, of course) and will more-than-likely position herself as SEES's full-time daddy-figure, and no, not the pimp kind. (Just blame her brother - he already does enough mother hen-ing for the whole dorm, so why can't there be a tough ass who can nonchalantly say, "Fight those bully's back and make them eat their own shit"?)

Enjoy her stay, buckos.

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